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Grover can't get his act together in Sesame Street's Game of Thrones parody

The new season of Game of Thrones starts Sunday, April 12, which means it's time for a Sesame Street parody of the show. Great timing!

In order to crown a new king of Jesteros (rather than Westeros), Sesame Street characters join together to play "Game of Chairs," as poorly explained by Grover Bluejoy. This is not a game played with a deck of cards, or marbles, or a rubber chicken. It's a game played with chairs. Three chairs.

Like the Iron Throne made out of swords in Game of Thrones, the three chairs of Game of Chairs are made from objects you'd use to play certain games — one of bronze ping-pong paddles, one of silver clubs, and one of golden baseball bats.

As you've probably guessed, Game of Chairs is none other than musical chairs.

A "Mommy of Dragons" makes an appearance, and there are references to the murderous Red Wedding and even the series' incestuous pairings, but Sesame Street — lest you forget — is a show for children. Game of Chairs, then, is really trying to teach you to count — one, two, three fighting families!

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