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Re/code Welcomes Carmel DeAmicis to Demystify the 'Unicorns' of Tech

She's here to tame those mythical beasts and give you the real story behind them.

Today, Re/code welcomes Carmel DeAmicis to the staff, where she will be covering one of the richest and most interesting beats we have: Startups, but with a laser focus on the “unicorns” that have become big and disruptive forces across the world.

These are, of course, the mythical beasts valued at $1 billion or much, much more — from Uber to Pinterest to Airbnb to Dropbox. And, if your company isn’t that big, but you’re doing something really interesting, she might write about you anyway. (In fact, she will.)

Carmel will join a team committed to focusing intently on the developing tech and media ecosystem, reporting on its challenges, puncturing the hype and calling attention to the larger issues, from diversity to privacy to hacking, that flow from all this hypergrowth and the change that occurs every day. Liz Gannes, for example, is now zeroing in on big tech trends and innovation, using her keen analysis and longtime experience to give our readers more insight as to what it all means.

To help us do that, we’re thrilled to have Carmel on board. She’s been covering the tech industry for almost two years now, first at PandoDaily and then at Gigaom. Obviously, we were sad to see that pioneering site close, but in her time there, Carmel has already proven to be a sharp observer of the tech scene.

Prior to that, Carmel worked as a local TV news reporter in Dubai, interned at The Nation magazine, and survived Columbia Journalism School. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley (and says she wants to live in the Bay Area forever).

Please direct all your tips, thoughts and, if you insist, press releases to Carmel at

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