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Watch the entire Fast & Furious franchise in 10 minutes

Fast & Furious 7 releases nationwide in theaters this weekend, and it's expected to rake in money at the box office. My colleague Alex Abad-Santos called it "perhaps the most fun I've had, and possibly will have, at the movies in 2015."

And though you probably don't need to see the first six movies to understand a bunch of cars exploding and chase scenes, you might want to at least catch up on their plots. To do that, you have two options: read our own Todd VanDerWerff's in-depth GIF-tastic explainer of all seven movies and how the franchise is built, or watch this fun 10-minute video that our friends at the Verge made.

And of course, if you're a true fan and have already seen all the movies, use this video to relive the hours of joy you've already experienced.

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