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Apple Explains How to Use Apple Watch's Messages, Faces and Digital Touch

The videos are "guided tours" of some of the upcoming gadget's big features.


The hype train for the Apple Watch has started a-rollin’.

Apple released today a new series of “guided tour” videos that show off some of the features of its wearable device, which launches on April 24.

The first video, “Welcome,” briefly highlights some of the functionality that will be available to early adopters of the Watch, such as music control and fitness tracking, before showing how to do things like swipe to apps or notifications, see a menu of all your apps, or scroll up and down lists — which can be done with either a screen-blocking finger or the device’s “digital crown,” a.k.a. the watch stem, that round thing on the right.

The second video shows how to respond to an SMS message notification. Although the Watch is receiving these notifications from a paired iPhone, it’s possible to send quick pre-set replies to messages without pulling out one’s phone, or respond using voice. And, of course, there are emojis.

“Faces,” as explained by the third video, are the different default images and interfaces displayed when you look at your watch, such as an analog-looking clock with minute and hour hands. It’ll be possible to customize the different things you’ll find there — for example, do you want to see the phase of the moon in the top right, or the current temperature?

The last of the four videos showcases “digital touch” — in English, how to find your friends and send the ones who also shelled out for an Apple Watch a tap, a drawing or your heartbeat.

Apple’s website lists more “guided tour” videos ahead, dedicated to features like phone calls and Siri. Preorders for the watch begin on April 10.

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