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Report: Baltimore police won't release report on Freddie Gray's death to the public

Andrew Burton/Getty Images
  1. A Baltimore police spokesperson said the police department won't release a report detailing the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died of a spinal cord injury on April 19, a week after an allegedly brutal arrest.
  2. "There has been a lot of conversation about a report. There is not a report that is going to be issued," Baltimore Police Department spokesperson Eric Kowalczyk said, according to the Washington Post's Debbi Wilgoren. "What we are going to do is turn over our findings, all of our investigative efforts, to the state's attorney's office."
  3. Investigators haven't revealed how Gray received his injury, or whether the police officers who arrested him caused it. Police officials have said their investigation will end on Friday, May 1, but they have refused to release details from the inquiry to avoid prejudicing the investigation.
  4. It's possible the state's attorney's office will still release the findings upon receiving them.
  5. The questions surrounding Gray's death have led to sometimes-tense protests — and riots — demanding answers over his death.

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