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Former Facebook Design Boss Kate Aronowitz Joins Wealthfront

Aronowitz will lead all aspects of Wealthfront's design.


Former Facebook design director Kate Aronowitz has taken a new role as VP of design at investment management startup Wealthfront.

In her new position, Aronowitz will handle all aspects of Wealthfront’s design, from the actual product to the company’s branding and marketing materials.

Aronowitz spent five years at Facebook before leaving the social network last February. She spent the past year with her family, and started a consulting business, but ultimately decided to get back into the startup world. In addition to joining Facebook early in 2009, she worked at LinkedIn and eBay in similar roles.

“I think right now my role will span all of [design],” she told Re/code. “Any great brand is integrated through its advertising and how it’s displayed.”

At Wealthfront, she’ll be presented with an interesting challenge: Taking some of the stress out of investing through design. Wealthfront is an automated investment service, which means it handles money for its clients and users. That process of managing your money is not always a relaxing one.

Aronowitz starts her new role next week and will report to CEO Adam Nash through the product team.

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