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Here are the Supreme Court's oral arguments over same-sex marriage

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on Tuesday, April 28, over whether states' same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional.

You can listen to the oral arguments here:

You can also read the first part of the oral arguments here:

And you can also read the second part of the oral arguments here:

Reports indicate that Justice Anthony Kennedy — potentially the court's key swing vote in the cases — asked questions that seemed both skeptical and supportive of marriage equality. Kennedy was the deciding vote in the ruling that struck down the federal ban on same-sex marriage, which, going into the current cases, left LGBT advocates and court watchers confident that marriage equality would prevail at the Supreme Court. But Kennedy's mixed questions make it very hard to read where he'll ultimately rule.

Read more about the lead-up to the current Supreme Court battle over same-sex marriage:

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