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Apple iPad App Glitch Causes American Airlines Flight Delays

A software glitch impacts about two dozen flights.

American Airlines

American Airlines said a glitch in an Apple iPad application used by its pilots has caused flight delays this evening, affecting about two dozen flights.

Pilots began experiencing a problem with the software that contains mapping and flight planning information at roughly 7 pm PT Tuesday, a spokesman for the airline said.

In some cases, pilots were able to resolve the issue during the boarding process. Other pilots were forced to return the plane to the gate, according to American Airlines spokesperson Casey Norton.

Norton said it is unclear what caused the glitch, though he said initial reports on social media of a system-wide problem affecting a specific type of aircraft are inaccurate.

One passenger, Bill Jacaruso, was among the first to report the problem on social media, tweeting that he was stranded on the tarmac at Dallas-Fort Worth airport because the captain’s iPad crashed.

An Apple spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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