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Why INTX: The Internet & Television Expo Is the Ultimate Digital Media Mashup

The reimagined live event brings the entire global digital media ecosystem together for learning, networking and doing business.


On one stage, A+E Networks President Nancy Dubac. On another, AOL Chairman & CEO Tim Armstrong. At panel sessions, executives from Hulu, Roku, Sling TV and Starz, along with AT&T and FX Networks. Down at the exhibit Marketplace, Samsung, NBCUniversal, TiVo, Rovi, Turner Broadcasting, ARRIS and many more. All around them, hundreds of companies and thousands of participants in a digital media economy that’s redefining everything from where people work to what content they watch to how they converse with friends and family.

Welcome to INTX: The Internet & Television Expo. Happening May 5-7 at Chicago’s McCormick Place, it’s the new, reimagined, everybody’s-in live event that brings the entire global digital media ecosystem together for moments of learning, networking and doing business.

Presented by NCTA, INTX represents a fresh, new approach in live event experience. It features appearances from top industry executives like Comcast’s Brian Roberts and Hollywood’s Peter Chernin in provocative, unscripted sessions.

It delivers original live content produced by journalists Peter Kafka and Kara Swisher of Re/code.

It puts critical industry topics like net neutrality, merger mania and media measurement practices under the spotlight.

It provides immersive learning experiences around emerging focal points like the Internet of Things and content navigation advancements.

It offers intelligent, current analysis and explanation of key technology drivers influencing gigabit networking, 4K video and more.

And it brings public policy leaders, financial analysts and international media executives together under a single roof.

INTX makes all this happen because it takes an unusually expansive view of the digital media economy. No silos here: Look closely at the name badges at INTX, and you’ll see significant players from every sector of the industry. Companies like DirecTV, Akamai, Cox Communications, Disney/ABC Television, Verizon, Google Fiber and CenturyLink are just a few.

From the exhibit marketplace to a fresh new series of panels and presentations to new live events like the INTXHACK app-creation competition, INTX encompasses the entire digital-meets-broadband ecosystem, bringing together the companies, people, policy leaders and ideas behind a multi-billion dollar global industry.

This same wide-tent view is reflecting in the content program at INTX.

At INTX Talks, a series of discussions on subjects like TV Everywhere and OTT video delivery, strategists from companies including Roku, T-Mobile and AOL will exchange ideas with executives from the likes of Hulu, Scripps Interactive and TubeMogul.

At the Spring Technical Forum, a conference-within-a-conference, some of the world’s leading experts will share insights into game-changing subjects like software-defined networking and cloud media distribution.

And at Imagine Park, the live-events stage for interesting ideas and the people behind them, innovations around big data and media analytics get the INTX spotlight.

The digital media world is changing fast. Today’s all-in, hotly competitive and highly collaborative media economy has reinvented the rules for content creation, delivery, presentation and consumption across every significant category. Like the digital marketplace itself, the experience that is INTX is a vibrant, all-in meeting ground for leaders from across the spectrum.

INTX is where networking opportunities are rich, insights are everywhere, and opinions are guaranteed to collide. It’s a big-tent event for a diverse industry base. As a serious participant within it, we hope you’ll be there.

Stewart Schley has been writing about business subjects for more than 20 years, for publications including Multichannel News, CED Magazine and Kagan World Media. He was the founding editor of Cable World magazine, the author of “Fast Forward: Video on Demand and the Future of Television,” and the co-author of “Planet Broadband” with Dr. Rouzbeh Yassini. He is a contributing analyst for One Touch Intelligence.

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