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Twitter Is Testing a New Look for Search

The new design removes a lot of the clutter.


Twitter has made a lot of changes lately to help users find more tweets.

It partnered with Google to show tweets in search results. It retired the “discover” tab, replacing it with more detailed trend summaries to provide context and entice you to click.

Now, Twitter is testing a new search design as well, one that looks much less cluttered than the current version.

A Re/code reporter stumbled upon the new design over the weekend, and snapped a screenshot before it disappeared. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the company is testing the new look, which you can see above.

The new design moves a lot of the filter options from the left-hand side and consolidates them as tabs on the top of the page. That bumps up the trends section, leaving more room for the new summaries that accompany them. You can see what the current version looks like below.

The general idea here is to make Twitter search more manageable, and therefore, more likely to be used. Search has been an issue for the company since day one, and the real-time nature of Twitter makes it difficult to find old tweets. The new design might help with that given the new tabs, but at the very least it looks cleaner.

 The current Twitter search design.
The current Twitter search design.

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