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These travel posters will make you dream of an interplanetary vacation

mars venus

Designed by Frank McKeever. Available at

If, for some weird reason, you weren't already dreaming of someday taking a vacation on subzero Mars or Europa, these travel posters will surely convince you.

europa saturn

Designed by Frank McKeever. Available at

The posters, created by the artists at, imagine a simultaneously nightmarish and glamorous future in which the Earth has apparently been blown to smithereens, but travel throughout the solar system has luckily become a reality.

earth moon

Designed by Frank McKeever. Available at

The vintage-style designs bring to mind a set of travel posters for exoplanets made by NASA, but these are for more familiar destinations in our own solar system. And in the case of Mars and the moon, it's theoretically possible that you might be able to actually visit the destinations in your lifetime.

neptune uranus

Designed by Frank McKeever. Available at

Hat tip to Kyle Hill at Nerdist for spotting the posters.

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