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The most distinctive words in online dating profiles, by state

Lauren Katz is a project manager at Vox, focusing on newsroom-wide editorial initiatives as well as podcast engagement strategy.

Forget "the one." These days, it can seem daunting to sift through online dating platforms like Hinge and Tinder just to find "someone." Profiles often seem incredibly similar, and people make an effort to stand out. But there are certain distinctions that exist depending on which state you live in.

Mashable worked with to create this map of the most distinctive terms in online dating profiles for each state in the country based on thousands of profiles. "Essentially, they broke down which words are used with relative frequency in certain states, as compared to relative infrequency in the rest of the country," according to Mashable.

Live in Maine? Your potential date probably likes the woods. (Mashable)

Many of these terms aren't surprising. People living in states known for their outdoor activities frequently mentioned "hikes," "woods" and "lakes" in their profiles. "International" makes sense in the US capitol, a transient city with people from all over the world. "Ocean" is the most distinctive term in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the Bay State and the Ocean State, respectively.

But some words on this map aren't so obvious. If you live in Missouri, for example, you probably like animals, because a lot of people mention "zoo" in their profiles. If you can appreciate a good rocking chair, Tennessee might be the place for you — the most frequently used term in the state is "porch."

The words in people's online dating profiles actually hold weight, too. A University of California Berkeley study found that the words in people's profiles and messages impact how people judge each other's personalities.

Of course, matching with someone is only the beginning. Next, you'll have to reel them in.

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