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Re/actions: Potatoes Are the Future of Social Media

"I don't find this Kickstarter very a-peeling."

It’s easier than ever to communicate with our friends and loved ones, but socializing through an app can feel so mechanical. Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to someone in a down-to-earth way?

Enter Potatogram, a successfully funded Kickstarter project that promises to mail a potato with a personalized message to the person of your choice.

The man behind the Potatogram Kickstarter writes that he created the campaign to generate money for legal fees. I messaged him to ask if he plans to keep shipping potatoes after it’s over, and he said he hopes to “set up a store on my website and offer different merchandise to make the Potatogram brand grow.”

“The Potatogram brand” would be a great name for a band. Anyway, here’s what my Re/code colleagues thought of this spudly proposition:

Mark Bergen

Associate Editor, Search & Online Advertising

“But what if I say po-tah-to?”

Sorry, I’m new. I promise to get better at this.

Elizabeth Crane

Senior Editor, Copy

I had a flashback to high school, when spirit clubs would fundraise by selling flowers or candy with a message, all to be delivered during class so the other cool people could see how cool you were to be getting something delivered from another cool person. I do not need to receive a message-potato in the mail for any reason.

Ina Fried

Senior Editor, Mobile

As someone who has long had a strong connection with potatoes, I cannot endorse this sort of potatopression.

Lauren Goode

Managing Editor, Reviews and Product Coverage

I don’t find this Kickstarter very a-peeling.

Arik Hesseldahl

Senior Editor, Enterprise

Someone tell the Idaho Potato Commission to fire its marketing agency.

Noah Kulwin

Editorial Project Manager

What a half-baked idea.

John Murrell

Deputy Managing Editor, News

The concept has appeal, but I would have called it YouTuber.

Kurt Wagner

Associate Editor, Social Media

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