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LG's Next Flagship Phone Will Sport a New 5.5-Inch Screen

The screen boasts improved color display and contrast while reducing power consumption.


Well, now we know what screen to expect in LG’s next flagship smartphone.

LG’s display unit on Thursday announced a new 5.5-inch display bound for the phone, which is itself due to be unveiled at a New York press event later this month.

The QHD display has four times the standard HD resolution and 538 pixels per inch. In addition, LG said it has improved contrast, brightness and the ability to display colors. The screen also consumes less power than other displays.

LG is a bit behind the other Android phone makers in debuting its next flagship. Samsung and HTC showed off their devices in Barcelona last month, with both devices going on sale this month.

LG, by contrast, focused on mid-range phones and watches at Mobile World Congress.

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