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LinkedIn Acquires Refresh to Help You Prepare for Your Meetings

LinkedIn will build new products with technology from Refresh, which is shutting down its app.

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LinkedIn has acquired Refresh, a startup that helps people prepare for their meetings by collecting and sharing information on the people they’re meeting with.


Refresh, which is based in Mountain View, Calif., scours the Internet for information on the people a user is scheduled to see, such as news items mentioning those people. The app will also pull info from Facebook or LinkedIn, and can sync with your email to determine when you first met (or at least emailed with) the people you’re scheduled to meet.

LinkedIn already offers a similar product called Connected that manages your existing LinkedIn relationships and reminds you to follow up with people after you’ve met.

The company plans to build new features using the Refresh technology, although its unclear if those features will be standalone apps or baked into LinkedIn. Refresh will shut down its app on April 15, according to a LinkedIn spokesperson.

A dozen of Refresh’s 14 employees will join LinkedIn’s Identity team at the company’s Mountain View headquarters beginning next week. A spokesperson declined to share terms of the deal.

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