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Ericsson's Hans Vestberg, AT&T's Glenn Lurie to Help Code/Mobile 2015 Go Beyond Phones

More to come.

Mobile used to be just about phones and tablets.

These days, though, the technology inside those devices is finding its way into all kinds of other areas, from wearable computers on our wrists to embedded devices in our cars. What was science fiction a generation ago — Dick Tracy watches and KITT from “Knight Rider” — is on the cusp of becoming reality. In the process it’s changing how we live, how we pay for things, how we stay healthy and so much more.

At this year’s Code/Mobile conference, which takes place Oct. 7-8, we will explore this shift in mobile technology and look at the industries being turned on their ears.

We’re excited to announce the first speakers, part of what is already shaping up to be a great two days of discussions, networking and demos.

Hans Vestberg is the chief executive of Ericsson and a leading voice on where the wireless industry is headed. In an interview last month, Vestberg outlined a future where there will be literally billions of devices connected to the Internet, a shift that will require a new generation of networks and infrastructure.

“The only thing I’ve learned from all of the technology revolution is that it is very seldom that the old incumbent guys are winning in the second cycle,” Vestberg told me in Barcelona. “That’s why we are in such a hurry. … We want to be the winner in the second phase as well.”

Glenn Lurie, CEO of AT&T Mobility, is a veteran of the wireless industry, having worked closely with Apple to bring the first iPhone to market. After years heading up the company’s efforts to move beyond phones, Lurie is now in charge of all of the company’s mobile efforts.

AT&T has been at the forefront of the shift of mobile into new areas, including health care and automotive. Lurie has also been outspoken on the need for smartwatches to have their own wireless connections.

“A wearable has to be an independent device first and foremost,” Lurie said last year.

There are lots of other great speakers and demos in the works, with more to be announced in the coming weeks. We are also happy to be back at the gorgeous Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, Calif., site of last year’s event.

In addition to bringing onstage some of the biggest names in mobile technology, we will continue our tradition of identifying companies that are not yet well-known but surely will be soon. At our past mobile conferences we have introduced our audience to names such as WhatsApp, Xiaomi and Snapchat long before they were the talk of the town.

And, as always, we will look to offer perspective both on how this revolution is affecting things in the U.S. as well as the profound changes that the mobile revolution is having in developing markets. That is particularly important in areas like mobile health and mobile money, where markets such as those in Africa are leading the way.

In short, you won’t want to miss it. And the best way to make sure you don’t is to sign up now. Plus, you’ll save $250 with our first-mover discount.

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