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After Zuckerberg and Jobs, Madame Tussauds Seeks Another Techie to Preserve in Wax

Okay, be very honest. Who would you most want to take a fake selfie with?

Madame Tussauds

Who should be the next Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, immortalized in the tech leader canon? That’s what San Francisco’s Madame Tussauds is asking the public to help decide, as it hunts for the next tech leader to be preserved in one of its creepy, lifelike-but-very-lifeless, full-size wax figures.

The Fisherman’s Wharf attraction says some of the contenders include Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg, Marc Benioff, Jane Metcalfe and Ed Catmull. The winner is to be announced May 26.

According to the nomination form, “Your nominee should have a Bay Area connection (company based in the Bay Area, born here, lives here, went to school in the Bay, etc.). The nominee should already be recognized as a thought leader, innovator and/or influencer to their industry.”

(That local requirement would seem to exclude a write-in candidacy for Edward Snowden, he of the recently illegally installed Central Park statue. But the tech industry’s opinions of him are pretty mixed, anyway.)

Zuckerberg, by the way, didn’t opt to sit for the arduous creation process of his figure, according to the museum. Steve Jobs joined the international Madame Tussauds lineup in 2012, after his death.

The rise of the selfie appears to be auspicious for Madame Tussauds — where the whole idea is to pose with (wax versions of) celebrities, put your arm around them and invade their personal space. The attraction is embracing the trend by suggesting its own hashtag, ‪#‎MTSFselfie‬, and cutting a deal this month to sell selfie sticks in its gift shops.

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