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An illustrator drew every woman Don Draper has slept with

Don Draper is a man's man. He drinks scotch in his office, smokes constantly, and always has another woman in his back pocket. From the pilot episode of the beloved series Mad Men, Don Draper was sleeping with multiple women. He might not always be happy about it, but he's always got a side girl.

Don, though, is a mystery to even himself, and through this collection of women he's slept with, a strange portrait of the mysterious man comes into focus. Artist, illustrator, and art director Hannah Choi created individual illustrations for every single one of these women on her Tumblr The Women of Don Draper.

(Illustration by Hannah Choi)

"I really wanted to see exactly how promiscuous Don was. I figured it'd be interesting to see how the ladies would look as a group. I wondered if there was a pattern or a certain type he was attracted to," Choi told me. "Plus it was fun to focus on some female characters outside of the Peggy and Joan world."

Mad Men has, throughout its six seasons, really given focus and energy to Don's co-workers Peggy and Joan and built them out as solid characters with desires, dreams, and plenty of fears. But the show has always had a cast of female actors playing characters with depth — even the secretaries each had personality quirks written for them.

But the women Don sleeps with are worth a closer look because they just might tell us a bit more about him, and because they are in and of themselves interesting characters.

mad men 3
(Illustration by Hannah Choi)

"When you look at the whole collective, one can't help but notice that no one is ever happy," Choi told me. "Everyone seems to be seeking something they themselves aren't even sure of."

See the whole collection on Hannah Choi's Tumblr, and follow along for the inevitable updates as season six progresses.

mad men women 2
(Illustration by Hannah Choi)


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