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HP Reveals Brand Identity for Post-Breakup Enterprise Company

A simple green rectangle says it all.

Ken Wolter / Shutterstock

With about seven months to go before it splits into two companies, HP today showed off the branding identity of the half of the company that will become Hewlett Packard Enterprise later this year.

CEO Meg Whitman announced it in a post on the company’s internal site.

“It’s different, I know,” Whitman writes. “What I love about our new logo design is how it stands out among our competitors. The color we picked is no accident. I wanted us to stand apart.”

The other thing she likes about it is its “simplicity.” “That’s what we’re going to be about — easy to do business with and precise in our work, our engineering and our innovation,” Whitman writes.

So here it is, by itself, on a building, and on marketing material. (Click to make bigger.)

Whitman will be the CEO of the new company when the two halves of HP break apart sometime in November. Dion Weisler, currently head of HP’s printing and PC operation, will be CEO of HP Inc.

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