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LinkedIn Global Marketing Head Nick Besbeas Is Departing

The former Yahoo marketing exec is leaving LinkedIn at the end of May.


LinkedIn’s VP of marketing, Nick Besbeas, is leaving the company at the end of May, according to a company wide email sent from CEO Jeff Weiner.

Besbeas is departing after more than four years at the professional network, where he ran LinkedIn’s marketing efforts worldwide. He’ll be replaced by Shannon Stubo, LinkedIn’s senior VP of corporate communications, who will take over as an interim chief marketing officer in addition to her other responsibilities, according to the email.

It’s unclear what Besbeas will do next. “We will miss Nick and his commitment to our members, and we wish him all the best as he considers his next play,” Weiner wrote in the memo. He added that he and Stubo will work to find a permanent CMO.

LinkedIn is also shuffling a few other things internally. Scott Shute, who leads the company’s customer operations team that serves as a liaison between paying customers and the LinkedIn product team, is now reporting directly to Weiner as a product executive.

Update – June 18, 2015: After two months on the job, Weiner has appointed Stubo as the permanent CMO, according to the company. She will continue to run LinkedIn’s communications team as well, and leadership of both teams will report directly to her.

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