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Please Google Mark Bergen, Our New Google Reporter

Our new reporter will try to figure out what's next for one of Silicon Valley's most powerful and riveting companies.

Today, Re/code welcomes Mark Bergen, our newest addition to the staff. He’ll be covering Google and some related companies in the search arena, as well as the myriad other places the Internet giant likes to mess about in.

And that is a very wide range of things, from self-driving cars to Android to Wi-Fi balloons to Chrome to mysterious barges in the San Francisco Bay (wait, scratch that scheme). There is no question that Google is all over the tech map and provides a rich tapestry of narratives for any one reporter, especially an energetic one like Mark.

While a lot of beats on our staff touch on Google (Peter Kafka in media, Ina Fried in mobile, Jason Del Rey in commerce, Amy Schatz in policy, Arik Hesseldahl in enterprise, and more), the story of Google is the story of all of Silicon Valley, really, from the hype to the hope, from innovation to disruption.

Also good snacks.

Mark has been reporting on business and policy since 2010, most recently at Advertising Age where he covered mobile operators, device makers and media. Before that, he reported from Bangalore, India, writing about economics and tech for several publications, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Reuters. He is a graduate of the College of Wooster and the University of Chicago. He’ll be moving to the Bay Area from New York in the weeks ahead.

Please direct all your tips, thoughts and, if you insist, press releases to his email:

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