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A brilliant poster campaign wants to change how people think about immigrants

Economic difficulties in the United Kingdom have led to a surge in support for the far right in recent years, which in turn has led to mainstream parties trying to co-opt elements of the far right's agenda. The result has been a discourse around immigration that overwhelmingly paints the desire of foreigners to move to the UK as a negative that needs to be addressed, with the parties competing over who can address it more effectively.

The Movement Against Xenophobia's "I Am an Immigrant" campaign tries to reframe the issue in a positive light, with a series of posters highlighting the contributions immigrants make to society.

Studies done in the United States show that immigration raises average incomes of native-born Americans, including native-born Americans with low skill levels. Immigration is, of course, even better for the incomes of the immigrants themselves, which makes reduced barriers to migration one of the biggest possible game changers for overall global growth. What's more, as the Economist's Ryan Avent has recently shown, more immigration could be a highly effective fix to the currently hot topic of secular stagnation.

Hat tip to @MsJackMonroe for the posters.

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