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Re/code on TV: Watch Us Talk About the Apple Watch

Re/code was all over the airwaves to talk about the new wearable.

With the Apple Watch on everyone’s minds, Re/code was all over the airwaves to talk about the new wearable.

After reviewing Apple Watch for Re/code, managing editor Lauren Goode went on CNBC, saying it is a bit more appealing to mainstream buyers than other smartwatches, but has a limited number of third-party apps.

Lauren also appeared on NPR’s “Science Friday” and WBEZ radio in Chicago.

Co-Executive Editor Kara Swisher also talked about Apple Watch on CNBC, as well as showing off the fancy new downtown San Francisco offices that Re/code shares with our NBC partners.

Kara returned on Friday to talk about Apple Watch preorders having quickly sold out online.

In addition, Kara talked about Netflix and the wide range of content now available on the streaming video service.

Co-Executive Editor Walt Mossberg appeared on CNBC to talk about Re/code’s recent visit to China and his tour of Foxconn’s facilities there.

Meanwhile, our newest Re/code reporter, Carmel DeAmicis, was a guest on “Tech News Today.”

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