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Trying On Apple Watch, Including $17K Edition (Video)

As Apple Stores begin try-on sessions for the Apple Watch, people will notice a jewelry store-esque feel to the experience. Here's how it happened for us.


Buying a watch — a fashion item that you’ll wear on your wrist all day — is different from buying a laptop, so Apple has created a new try-on experience for its Apple Watch (preorders started on Friday, and shipping starts April 24).

The hands-on experience began yesterday at Apple Stores around the world, so I visited my local Apple Store in Washington, D.C., to see what it was like. In short, trying on the Apple Watch felt a lot like shopping in an expensive jewelry store. A fancy, digitally locked drawer was opened to take out watches, leather pads were used for resting the watches before and after a try-on, and sales associates were trained to clean each watch with a special cloth before and after I tried them on.

Here’s a video of my experience, ranging from the $349 Apple Watch Sport to the $17,000 Apple Watch Edition:

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