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Top Exec Mike Kerns Out at Yahoo

Yahoo has lost one of its most experienced execs, Mike Kerns, as others move around, jockeying as new configurations of power form at the troubled Internet giant. Kerns, who came to the company in 2006 with the acquisition of Citizen Sports, has a solid reputation both inside and outside of the company. He had reported directly to CEO Marissa Mayer as SVP of the homepage and other verticals like video. But numerous sources said the longtime entrepreneur has been itching to leave for some time and had become especially weary of infighting with other execs, most especially Yahoo media head Kathy Savitt. The internal memo on his departure just went out at Yahoo, said several sources, who also told me that Kerns had been negotiating the terms of his leaving with Mayer and also who would take over his vast portfolio of duties. It’s not clear what Kerns’ next job will be.

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