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Xiaomi's President on Mobile Wallets, High-End Phones and More (Video)

Re/code's Walt Mossberg interviews Xiaomi's Bin Lin onstage at the Grand Millennium Beijing.

Ahead of November’s Code Conference/Asia in Hong Kong, Walt Mossberg and Re/code staffers including senior writer Dawn Chmielewski checked out the scene in Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Here are a few stories we collected along the way. Expect more from us across Asia leading up to our conference.

In an onstage conversation with Re/code’s Walt Mossberg last month, Xiaomi President Bin Lin discussed the fast-growing Chinese phone manufacturer’s new interest-paying mobile wallet program, the company’s strategy for producing high-end phones at low prices and much more.

The March 17 interview took place at the Connector event, hosted by Tencent in the Grand Millennium Beijing.

(Disclosure: Tencent is a partner and sponsor of Re/code’s upcoming Code Conference/Asia event.)

Watch the full interview in the videos below:

Part I:

Part II:

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