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The new MacBook might be light enough to use during airplane takeoff

Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Andrew Nacin has noticed what might be the most consumer-friendly innovation in Apple's newest MacBook: fliers may be able to use the laptop during airplane takeoff and landing.

The FAA guidelines to which Nacin refers were written in late 2013 and, indeed, do require that all personal electronic devices, or PEDs, that weight two or more pounds must be stowed as the plane lifts off and lands. There is, however, some discretion given to the pilots. They are allowed to ask passengers to stow lighter devices if they "are of a size that would impede egress."



Will pilots look kindly on the flier who protests the request to "close all laptops," noting that theirs weighs two pounds? Probably not, but who knows! Either way, we're about to find out.