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The luxury Apple Watch starts at $10,000

This is what the most expensive Apple Watch looks like when you blow it up around 1,000 times
This is what the most expensive Apple Watch looks like when you blow it up around 1,000 times
Stephen Lam/Getty Images
  1. At a Monday event, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the details of the Apple Watch.
  2. Prices will start at $349 for the Watch Sport, ranging above $10,000 for the high-end Watch Edition.
  3. Preordering starts April 10, and the watch will be available on April 24.
  4. Brief interactions are the point of the Apple Watch, the company said — a quick glance at text messages, sports scores, or news.
  5. The Apple Watch will come in three different models.
  6. The bands will cost anywhere from $49 to $449 each, according to The Verge.

Watch Sport

Price: $349 (38 mm), $399 (42 mm)

The sport is the lowest-end watch. Apple says the Sport is lightweight, with a scratch-resistant, ionX screen and an aluminum case that the company engineered to be extra strong. The case comes in steel and space gray. The band comes in fluoroelastomer, and in five colors: white, blue, green, pink, and black.


Price: $549–$1,049 (38 mm), $599–$1,099 (42 mm); price depends on band

The Apple Watch cases will come in two colors: stainless steel and space black. The stainless steel, like the Watch Sport's aluminum, is made to be extra-strong and nick-resistant. The black version has a carbon coating. The Watch allows for a wider variety of bands than the Sport — leather, metal links, metal mesh, and a fluoroelastomer sport band.

Watch Edition

Price: starts at $10,000

This is the luxury edition of the Apple watch, and according to Cook, it will only be available in "select retail stores." Not only is the Watch Edition's case fashioned from 18-karat gold; it's a sort of supergold that Apple crafted to be "up to twice as hard as standard gold," according to the company's website.

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