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The Apple Watch is all about sex

There's been a lot of discussion about the technical specs and features of the new Apple Watch. But in this video, NYU professor Scott Galloway says he believes the Apple Watch is about something more primal: sex.

"Tesla is not an environmental car," he says. "The core axiom of evolution is men paying $150,000 for cars that can go 160 miles an hour in domains where you can only go 55. Women will continue to pay $600 for ergonomically impossible shoes to try and solicit inbound offers from those same men."

Galloway believes the Apple Watch is part of the company's effort to transform itself into the next great luxury brand. These brands are able to charge outrageous prices not because they're dramatically more useful than cheaper alternatives, but because owning luxury products is a way of signaling that you have good taste and — yes — that you're wealthy. Which, as Galloway sees it, will improve your prospects on the dating market.

(Hat tip: Joshua Brown)

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