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These cartoons made out of old dress patterns are some of the funniest things on the internet

Just two ladies trying to live their lives and be left the hell alone
Just two ladies trying to live their lives and be left the hell alone

The internet sometimes feels like it's only a place of infighting, trolling, and terrible harassment. But sometimes, it magically compresses all of that dingy black coal into a diamond of a Tumblr blog that takes really old dress patterns and transforms them into jokes. "Happy Monday to you, good people!" cries the internet. "Here are some dress patterns with captions! Be ye not in sorrow!"

With McCall's Pattern Behavior, some saint of the internet is transforming these old dress pattern covers into small stories about women who stand around and riff on one another's signature styles. They are funny, smart jokes about fashion, but you don't have to know anything about fashion to enjoy them.

For example, here's one about hats and fitting in:

Here's one about sweeping. Or not:

Here's one for swing coats:

Here's one about sadness:

Here's one about short suits:

For more dress patterns and commentary, check out McCall's Pattern Behavior on Tumblr. Waste your afternoon. The internet wants you to.

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