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Code/Forward: This Week on MSNBC's Shift (Video)

Psst, have you heard? Re/code has a Web show, and it's super fun.

Code/Forward, for those of you who still don’t know, is a super cool Web show we do in conjunction with MSNBC. Take a gander:

Nellie Bowles, who has been in the courtroom on a daily basis for the Pao v. Kleiner Perkins gender discrimination and retaliation case, talks to attorney Drexel Bradshaw about sexual harassment suits in general and this case specifically, observing “a real animus toward women generally” in “this industry run by white, nerdy men.” Will this fit into a larger trend?

“Wouldn’t you rather shop for second-hand clothing in your jammies on the couch?” asks Nellie. She and Lauren Goode interview Noah Ready-Campbell, founder and CEO of the clothing resale store Twice, whose “trained buyers” want to evaluate your clothing.

Nellie and Kurt Wagner talk to Amy Schatz about the recent net neutrality ruling — attempting, once again, to get a handle on what exactly it is, and then discussing how the changes affect users. Trivia question: How many times has the FCC attempted to update net neutrality rules? (Sorry, you gotta watch the video for the answer.)

And finally, Nellie and Kurt talk to Ryan Cooley, founder and CEO of social video-streaming company Meerkat. Nellie is full of questions: What was Air? How did it lead to Meerkat? What’s a meerkat? Are you just making up words now?

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