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Screaming man attacks US ambassador to South Korea with razor blade

  1. Mark Lippert, the US Ambassador to South Korea, was attacked in Seoul on Thursday by a man wielding a razor blade. Lippert was rushed to hospital but his injuries are not serious.
  2. Reports say the attacker, who was pinned down by onlookers and arrested, screamed "South and North Korea should be reunified" as well as "No to war training."
  3. The attack comes as the US and South Korean militaries participate in two joint military exercises in South Korea, Key Resolve and Foal Eagle.

What we know about the attack

The New York Times said the attacker identified himself as Kim Ki-jong. The same man had been arrested in 2010 for attacking the Japanese ambassador to South Korea, according to the Times' Martin Fackler.

Photos circulating on social media show Lippert bleeding from his face and hand:

Reports said Lippert was being treated in hospital and that his injuries were not life-threatening. He was photographed walking out of the building where he had been giving a lecture with a hand to his bloodied head.

AP citing YTN television reported that the attacker screamed "South and North Korea should be reunified" as he slashed at Mitchell with the razor blade. Police have detained the attacker, AP said.

Additional reports said the man shouted "No to war training!" as he threw himself at Lippert.

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