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Watch: 2 people have the best reaction to a bison ramming into their car

Sometimes regular Americans get the chance to prove their mettle to the world. Last month, amateur photographer Tom Carter and his friend got their opportunity when they captured on video a bison ramming into their car ... while they were inside their car. The video is fantastic:

I nominate these two for the title of Best People in America for the following reasons:

1) They saw the bison coming, and they just sat there. They waited patiently. They didn't complain. They just held their ground, probably with steely glints in their eyes as they gazed into the distance. These two people are Real Americans.

2) This is simply fantastic filmmaking. Seriously, even Hollywood never manufactures the kind of dramatic buildup this guy creates in his short film. It has a surreal feel to it — the 20 seconds of silence, punctuated only by the sound of the car blinker, lulls you into submission. Hey, look. It's a bison. It wouldn't hit the car, would it? It wouldn't. It might. Holy God, here it comes.

3) There is now incontrovertible proof of what happened when Geico inevitably comes asking questions.

4) Seriously, no one is this good-natured. This is how they respond:

"Oh, my God!" says the man.

"Holy crap! Hahahaha. OK," says the woman.

A sizable share of American drivers lose their minds when a red light lasts more than 20 seconds. This couple's car was hit. Head-on. By a bison. An animal that can weigh more than a ton. And they still kept it G-rated. Hell, they don't even seem mad.

Hats off, you two. You're an inspiration to us all.

[h/t Bozeman Daily Chronicle]

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