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Instagram 'Carousel' Feature Adds More Photos to Its Ads

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Do you like scrolling through photos? Instagram has you covered.

Do you like swiping photos from left to right? Instagram is going to start helping you there, too.

Facebook’s photo-sharing service is rolling out a new feature that will let users look at multiple photos uploaded from a single user, by flipping through them horizontally.

Right now, the option is only available for advertisers, and Instagram says it doesn’t have any immediate plans to extend the feature to the rest of the company’s 300 million users. That said, the company is calling its “carousel ads” an experiment, so if it works, I can imagine this showing up widely one day.

You can see a demo of the ad below. Instagram says they’re not charging advertisers extra for the feature, which also offers advertisers a landing page in the app where users can engage with them. I imagine that could change one day, too.

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