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New Amazon Competitor Hires E-Trade CMO

She'll take the somewhat made-up-sounding title of Chief Customer Officer, but it's a very real role.

Jason Del Rey has been a business journalist for 15 years and has covered Amazon, Walmart, and the e-commerce industry for the last decade. He was a senior correspondent at Vox.

Shopping site may not be public yet, but it has $220 million in investment, sky-high hype and now a well-regarded CMO leading its marketing efforts.

Jet, founded by co-founder Marc Lore, has hired E-Trade’s chief marketing officer Liza Landsman. She’ll take the somewhat made-up-sounding title of Chief Customer Officer, but it’s a very real role overseeing the end-to-end customer experience, from the company’s analytics team to its marketing and branding staff.

Jet customers will pay $50 a year for access to what the company says will be the lowest prices on the Web on a wide range of goods, from diapers to electronics to toys. Additional discounts will be added to customer orders if the warehouse that’s shipping the stuff is close to the customer and can ship the items together. Forfeiting the right to return an item and choosing to pay with a debit instead of credit card will also result in additional discounts. The site is now opening up to people who had signed up for early access.

Lore has said Jet will appeal to customers who are more concerned with getting the lowest price than with getting stuff as quickly as possible, as Amazon Prime customers do. Still, Amazon is as strong a foe as any.

“You can’t be in the space and act as though Amazon doesn’t exist,” Landsman said in a recent interview. “But I also think part of what’s really going to materially differentiate us is the experience is going to be killer and the value back to consumers is going to be killer.”

Lore has previously said Jet could have a $500 million marketing budget over its first five years in existence. But Landsman said the marketing strategy will be much more nuanced than simply plastering ad campaigns across websites and TV networks and will rely in a big way on securing smart partnerships, too.

At E-Trade, Landsman oversaw the brand’s advertising strategy shift away from the talking baby and into a more mature brand campaign dubbed “Type E” that featured Kevin Spacey in a TV spot. She previously worked for Blackrock and Citi.

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