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Gogoro to Test Its Electric Scooter and Charging Network in Taipei This Summer

The company has set up a showroom in the Taiwanese city where would-be customers can see the vehicle in person.


Gogoro, the electric scooter company backed by Cher Wang and led by former HTC executive Horace Luke, said it will test its electric vehicles and charging network in Taipei in a pilot program this summer.


The company has opened an “experience center” showroom in the Taiwanese city and plans to invite 100 people to be part of a beta-testing program. Gogoro has partnered with Panasonic, which makes the swappable battery packs used by the scooters.

“Deploying the Gogoro Energy Network in Taipei City and incentivizing our citizens to retire traditional gas-powered scooters will help shape a healthier, more sophisticated and smart Taipei,” Mayor Wen-Je Ko said in a statement.

Gogoro announced its plans for the scooters and ATM-like battery-swap charging stations at CES in January. The company had said it planned to launch the scooters in at least one city this year and scooter-heavy Taipei was high on the list of possible locations.

“We see this as a great opportunity for us to change and revolutionize electric vehicles,” Luke told Re/code in January.

Luke has been working on the effort for several years after leaving his post as HTC Chief Innovation Officer back in 2011.

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