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This is the best tip to avoid wiping out on the ice


(Tablet Infographics)

The East Coast is expecting a snowstorm this weekend, one of historic proportions. This will no doubt leave sidewalks and roads quite slick. And if you are a clumsy human being like me, ice-covered sidewalks mean near-certain wipeouts whenever you try to leave the house.

Here's how to prevent that: Walk like a penguin. Yes, really — I have deployed this trick ever since I read about it on Dan Diamond's blog last year. Do I feel silly reminding myself to walk like a penguin as I wander around DC? Absolutely. Have I wiped out since I started perfecting my waddle? Absolutely not.

So there you have it — not only are penguins a top-notch bird, they also are a guide to living your very best life.

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