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Here's where all the Daily Doubles on Jeopardy! are

Here's the game plan for the next time you're on Jeopardy!: focus on the fourth row. After all, fans of the quiz show know the Daily Doubles are almost never in the top two rows. And now there's statistical proof.

Daily Double fixed

(Flowing Data)

On his Flowing Data blog, Nathan Yau tallied up Daily Doubles as listed on the J! Archive, a site featuring an almost obsessive level of data (did you know that, in Season 30, the contestant at the left podium found the most Double-Jeopardy-round Daily Doubles?).

The site has incomplete records through Season 13, then full records from Season 14 on, giving Yau a total of 13,663 Daily Doubles. He found that the fourth row is prime Daily Double territory, with 38 percent of all those clues, and the second and last columns are slightly worse than the others. Meanwhile, the top row (especially column two, apparently) is a terrible place to look — that is, if the past is any guide. And thus far, it has been; Yau says the pattern "doesn't seem to change much from season to season."

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