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The Code/Enterprise Series Is Coming: Hear From Josh James, Aaron Levie and More

Our first-ever Enterprise-themed event kicks off in a few weeks with a powerful quartet of speakers.


If you like Re/code’s coverage of enterprise technology companies, then April 21 is your lucky day. That’s when we’ll be hosting the very first installment of what we hope will be many Code/Enterprise Series events.

That evening, we’ll gather at San Francisco’s Dogpatch WineWorks for a chat with a pretty powerful quartet of speakers from different parts of the enterprise IT universe.

We’ll have two representatives from the cloud. First there’s Aaron Levie, founder and CEO of Box, the company he started in 2005 with some high school buddies as a basic service for storing and sharing data in the cloud. Over the course of a decade it has evolved into a comprehensive platform aimed at helping companies build applications to speed up the tasks they do every day. Along the way he raised more than half a billion dollars from investors, and then less than a month after his 30th birthday he took Box public on the New York Stock Exchange.

Also representing Team Cloud will be Josh James, founder and CEO of Domo, a business intelligence company based in American Fork, Utah. James has raised more than a quarter billion dollars from venture capital investors, but as of this writing has yet to talk meaningfully in public about his plans for Domo. If the past is any indication, it should be interesting: He was founder and CEO of Omniture, which he sold to Adobe Systems for $1.8 billion.

Kevin Mandia, president of FireEye
Kevin Mandia, president of FireEye

From the shadowy world of Internet security comes Kevin Mandia, president of the security firm FireEye and head of its incident response business unit, Mandiant, which he sold to FireEye for $1 billion last year. Think of Mandia as the guy who answers the 911 calls from companies that have been hacked to high heaven. Just ask Sony Pictures Entertainment and Anthem Health, both of which became Mandiant clients after both suffered epic hacks.

Diane Bryant, senior vice president at Intel
Diane Bryant, senior vice president at Intel

Finally, from the world of hardware, there’s Diane Bryant who runs the Data Center Group for chip giant Intel and is responsible for $15 billion — about 27 percent — of the $56 billion in revenue that company brought in last year. When companies like Amazon or Facebook start mapping out plans to re-tool their data centers or build new ones, they reach out to Bryant.

Registration is open and you can find all the information you need here. We hope to see you there. But just in case you can’t make it to San Francisco: We’ve scheduled a second Code/Enterprise Series event for September 29 in New York. Stay tuned!

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