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Taking a Spin With FlyKly, the Bike Wheel That Does the Work for You (Video)

The FlyKly Smart Wheel meddles with your pedals.

Vjeran Pavic for Re/code

Niko Klansek’s resolution to get healthier several years ago didn’t last much longer than his first bike ride to work, which left him panting and sweaty at the front door to his office.

But the experience inspired an idea that the Slovenian engineer has been pursuing ever since: A motorized pedal assist that makes it easier to get around on wheels.

Three years later, Niko and his team created the first prototype of the FlyKly Smart Wheel, which is equipped with a battery-powered motor and fits on standard bikes. You can recharge it by pedaling backward, which is also how you brake, or plugging it into the wall. They took the invention to Kickstarter, where they reached their goal of $100,000 in 35 hours.

Re/code recently met Klansek near San Francisco’s Crissy Field to see the wheel ourselves and give it a spin. Check it out in our video below:

Early backers weren’t pleased with the weight of the wheel, which originally clocked in at 13 pounds. Considering that you have to carry the wheel indoors to charge it, it was a valid complaint. The latest model, however, only weighs six pounds and is available for purchase in three sizes.

The FlyKly Smart Wheel also connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The app allows you to adjust your top speed, assistance level and brake; measure the distance and duration of your ride; and lock the bike remotely.

But most importantly, the wheel delivers on its promise.

As soon as you start pedaling, you notice a nudge as the motor kicks in. It feels a bit like having super powers. You’re stronger and faster than you actually are. And yes, most importantly, less sweaty than normal.

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