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A CD exploding in slow motion is surprisingly beautiful

CDs have become all but obsolete, as digital music takes over the world. So what better to do with your discs than spin them so quickly in front of a really fast camera that they explode, making for a great viral video!

Of course, you'll need a fancy camera that shoots 170,000 frames per second and a fancy vacuum motor to spin your copy of Britney Spears's Oops ... I Did It Again really, really quickly. You probably don't have those two items. Luckily, YouTube sensations the Slow Mo Guys do. They spun some CDs to the point of explosion for you to enjoy.

The video is eight minutes long and, thus, full of information you may or may not want. So here are some GIFs of some of the video's cooler moments. Watch the whole thing for the full experience.

The CD warps before it explodes

cd warping gif

(Screenshot/The Slow Mo Guys)

The CD explodes

cd explosion gif

(Screenshot/The Slow Mo Guys)

Here's even greater slow motion

cd shattering gif

(Screenshot/The Slow Mo Guys)

Happy Friday, universe!

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