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Mariah Carey proves she can still sing with a little car karaoke

Mariah Carey has 18 number-one singles and a pretty decent fake Southern accent. The songstress made an appearance with James Corden on The Late Late Show Wednesday night, during which she rode in a car, checked her makeup in the passenger sun guard, and casually blew us away with high notes no one else can hit.

By claiming not to know how the radio worked, Cordon "accidentally" led the five-time Grammy winner to perform some of the most fun cuts from her collection, including "Always Be My Baby," "Fantasy," "Vision of Love," and "Thirsty." Between songs the two bantered and tried out new accents, and Carey claimed to be a spry 18 years old.

It's an enjoyable five minutes and quite the smackdown of the lip-syncing rumors about Carey that circulated last Christmas.