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The New Yorker put 30 Hillary-themed emojis on its cover this week

Hillary emoji

(The New Yorker)

Hillary Clinton has her own email server. She should probably have her own set of emojis, as well. Artist Barry Blitt is on it, having sketched 30 Hillary-themed emojis for the latest New Yorker cover. The magazine's response to the Clinton email scandal includes some classic emojis (the arms-crossed "no-good" gesture) but also Hillary-specific gags — the sunglasses-sporting Texts From Hillary emoji was an obvious choice, but more subtle is the emoji mocking the Time cover that inadvertently gave the former Secretary of State horns.

It's not quite the provocative statement New Yorker covers have made in the past (see the Obama fist bump), but it's another example of how the magazine thumbs its nose at political scandals.

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