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Re/code Re/boxing: Nike+ FuelBand (Video)

Instead of unboxing it, we're packing it up and sending it back.

Lots of people “unbox” new products and post the videos online, to the delight of the millions of viewers who enjoy these gadget stripteases. Here at Re/code, we’re taking a new approach: We’ll occasionally be “Re/boxing” products that we didn’t like, that didn’t work, that are now obsolete or are simply being sent back.

This week, we’re Re/boxing the Nike+ FuelBand. I first reviewed the $150 FuelBand shortly after its launch in early 2012, and later tested the FuelBand SE, or Special Edition, in 2014. Out of all of the many activity-tracking wristbands out there, the FuelBand was never my favorite — although it does have some favorable features. Check out the video below to see why we’re sending this one back.

(By the way, it’s our policy at Re/code to re/turn any and all products of value that have been loaned to us — not just the ones we’re Re/boxing. For more details on this, you can read the ethics statements alongside our writer bios.)

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