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Tom Wheeler Still a Dingo, but a 'Good Dingo,' John Oliver Says

He may still be a dingo, but at least he didn’t eat the baby, the HBO talk show host said.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

There has been plenty of debate about whether HBO talk show host John Oliver is partly responsible for FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s decision to reverse course on new net neutrality rules and ban priority fast lanes.

The FCC Chairman, a former lobbyist for the cable industry, didn’t appreciate being called a dingo babysitter by the comedian. But if he hoped he might lose that nickname after last week’s net neutrality vote, he’ll have to think again.

Wheeler infamously proclaimed “I am not a dingo” last June in response to Oliver’s criticism.

“Yes, you are. You are a dingo,” Oliver said in an episode of his “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday night about the FCC net neutrality decision. “It’s just in this one instance, you did not eat the baby. So good dingo. Keep it up.”

The official HBO video isn’t up on YouTube yet, but here’s a copy posted by a viewer.

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