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Facebook's David Recordon Named IT Director at the White House

Obama appointed Recordon on Thursday.


Longtime Facebook Engineering Director David Recordon is getting the call from the President.

Recordon, who has been at Facebook for almost six years, was named the Director of Information Technology at the White House on Thursday. It’s a new position created by President Barack Obama, and Recordon will be responsible for improving the tech actually used at the White House.

According to a White House press release, Recordon will “ensure that the technology utilized by the White House is efficient, effective and secure.”

Obama has brought a handful of Silicon Valley tech people into the White House over the past year. Obama hired Google’s Megan Smith as CTO in August; Twitter’s former general counsel Alexander Macgillivray was named deputy CTO at the same time. (Disclosure: Smith is married to but separated from Re/code co-CEO Kara Swisher.)

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