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Tommy Wiseau, auteur of the world's worst movie, just did an amazing Reddit AMA

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Wiseau at a Q&A in 2014
Wiseau at a Q&A in 2014
Josh Brasted/Getty

Tommy Wiseau is famous for making one of the worst movies of all time. He wrote, directed, produced, and starred in 2003's The Room, which was based on a 540-page unpublished novel he also wrote. The Room was so awful it earned cult-classic status and a slew of obsessive fans who gather at midnight showings to hoot, chants, and throw plastic spoons at the screen.

Wiseau himself is an ... odd character. But he's riding the weird success of The Room for all it's worth. Currently, he has a new show, Neighbors, available on Hulu, a specialty brand of underwear, and a coming 3D prequel to The Room. And so he did what any auteur/lifestyle brand would do when he has a new project to promote: he went to Reddit and held an AMA.

But Wiseau refused to actually type his AMA answers into Reddit and instead apparently spoke on the phone with a woman named Victoria, who transcribed them for readers.

Here are some of the best moments:

Where was Wiseau born?

I was born on Planet Earth.


And I'm American, and proud of it.

Yes, Wiseau would love to come to your wedding, thanks for (kinda) asking:

wissau ama 1

A screenshot from Tommy Wiseau's AMA

What did the character of Lisa represent in The Room?

GREAT Question!

First of all, you can compare Lisa to Eleezabeth Taylor, to when she did CLEOPATRA. The ladies, they don't have to wear jeans, they can wear dresses to be very powerful.

So Lisa's character is very powerful. She represents American society.

So that's my answer. Move on, next one!

This "Move on, next one" thing, by the way, is a Wiseau tic. He does it to people in person, too.

Wiseau has some new movies in the works:

Yeah, I am working on new project, it's called THE FORECLOSURE, we will be casting soon, we have already soon, and we have a vampire movie. And THE NEIGHBORS, we have 12 episodes of THE NEIGHBORS.

Here's a fan who asked him about James Franco. Wiseau responds with a poem:

wisau ama 2

A screenshot from Tommy Wiseau's AMA

Wiseau is going to write an autobiography:

Yes, I am, because as you probably kneow, DISASTER ARTIST is not 100% correct, and some people - again - are very disrespectful of my lief. How dare you to bash me, to say negative things about me and my life when you don't even know me? Shame on you.

So yes, absolutely, you know. We in America, you know, we have very dedicate people, from New Orleans, and some of the function that people have are completely disrespectful. Shame on you if you blast my project. We are very dedicated to our art - shame on you, I would say, again! You know who you are!

And also you can add, about script, how dare you say that was not the script on the production of THE ROOM. How are you have powers to criticize someone you don't even know? When you say it's not a camera, or we have only this one camera, or this one or that one? Shame on you.

Move on, next question.

Wiseau was very clear that he loves dinosaurs and dogs, and that the dog in The Room was paid for its time:

wiseau ama 5

A screenshot from Tommy Wiseau's AMA

You can read the rest of Wiseau's AMA on Reddit, where he talks about his favorite projects, audience responses to The Room, and his inspirations in life.

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