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Up Close With Carbon3D's Terminator-Inspired 3-D Printer (Video)

Shortly after debuting at the Ted conference, Carbon3D CEO Joseph DeSimone explains his company's technology to Re/code's Ina Fried.

Ina Fried

Many of us enjoyed the scenes in “Terminator 2” where the villain rebuilds himself from pools of liquid metal.

For Joseph DeSimone, it wasn’t just good cinema, it was an inspiration. Fast-forward a few years and his company, Carbon3D, has a printer that can build objects from a pool of resin using a combination of light and oxygen.

The method, DeSimone says, is somewhere between 25 times and 100 times faster than traditional 3-D printing and creates production-quality parts rather than just realistic prototypes. Carbon3D isn’t saying how much it will charge for the technology, but the Carbon3D chief told Re/code he expects it to be commercially available within a year.

In an interview shortly after his talk at TED, DeSimone explained the technology to Re/code’s Ina Fried:

And here’s what the Carbon3D printer looks like in action:

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