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Celebrate the weekend with the greatest movie dancing supercut of all time

Humans do plenty of strange things, but moving our bodies in synchronized patterns to music is assuredly one of the strangest.

Arms flailing, we fall into the rhythm of songs and become dancers by accident. But in movies, no matter how realistic, dancing is a carefully planned, thoroughly choreographed depiction of joy.

From Magic Mike and Dirty Dancing to Risky Business and Napoleon Dynamite, this supercut combines great dancing scenes in movies so the hand pumping and foot stomping and body swaying fit right on time with the Walk the Moon song "Shut Up and Dance."

There are plenty of dancing supercuts out there, but this is one of the best. Because the song has such a standard rhythm, the editor (YouTuber MsTabularasa) finds some great clips that make it seem as if these movie characters are dancing specifically to this song, having one big party with all your favorites from the history of cinema.

Watch the video, then check out MsTabularasa's list of clips here.

(h/t Mark Ruffalo)

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