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This man is famous on Japanese YouTube because his dog is an asshole

Mari is the meanest shiba inu ever.
Mari is the meanest shiba inu ever.

Japanese YouTube user inosemarine is internet-famous for a very specific and delightful reason: his dog is a total asshole.

Mari, the real star here, is a precocious Shiba Inu who has mastered the art of trolling her (or his, I'm not sure) master on camera. Here is the video that rocketed Mari to YouTube stardom on Japan's animal-crazy (not that Americans are so different) social media. The premise is simple: Mari's owner wants a kiss. Mari rejects him repeatedly and coldly. It's great:

Here is the sequel, in which Mari finds new and exciting ways to reject and humiliate:

Mari went viral again in March, with a video in which the dog's owner attempts to replicate another Japanese YouTube phenomenon: "Cooking with Dog," a recurring show that is exactly what it sounds like. "Cooking with Dog" is weirdly earnest — people cook in front of a camera, like in any cooking show, except there is a dog sitting on the counter — but Mari's take on it is pretty great:

The above "Cooking with Mari" video is my favorite, but for one last look, here's Mari's over-acting owner trying to get some work done with a little canine help:

If you want more Mari in your life — and, really, who among us would not? — there is an actual full-length Mari DVD that you can order for about $15.

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